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Testimonials from SCTMSC patients and family members:

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Kevin’s Testimonial

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Mary’s Testimonial

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Marsha’s Testimonial

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Frank’s Testimonial

Dear TMS staff, I want to express my thanks for all your sincere help while I went through a very difficult time. Every time I went to the center the staff was so kind and understanding. The educational classes in the evening were wonderful and I have learned so much about depression. I still look at the handouts you provided. I have gotten into meditation and continue to educate myself about depression and anxiety. If I watch “Friends” on the TV, I will always think of my experience at the Southern Colorado TMS Center!! Thank you for doing your job so well.

Pam's Testimonial

The Southern Colorado TMS Center is truly the most caring, compassionate mental health facility I have ever known. You always hear stories about why people have gone into the mental health field, but these folks truly live it. Everyone who works for SCTMSC (and I mean everyone), exudes warmth and empathy. They walk the walk. One of my family members utilized several of their services, and I got to witness firsthand how they deal with patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from depression, because they not only offer treatments but expect patients to participate fully in their recovery.

Cindy’s Testimonial

All the staff at SCTMSC are very caring during all of the components of the TMS treatment. From dealing with insurance companies to adjusting one’s treatment time due to conflicts with your schedule; they are all wonderful. I would recommend TMS treatments to any person suffering MDD, as I have for many years. From my experience, TMS helped me far more than an anti-depression medication or CBT.

Barb’s Testimonial

Depression has been a way of life for me for many years and medication only helped for a time. When Dr. Fleming suggested TMS, I jumped at the chance. The TMS procedures, plus counseling and the evening classes helped me to keep the negative thoughts away. My family and friends have seen major changes in me and for the first time in years, I feel I have a future!

Frank’s Testimonial

Dear TMS Team, I just wanted to say that 6 months after treatment, I am doing well. I have a new life and I am living it up. It is like being young again as I am finding my way again. I am so grateful to Dr. Fleming, Camice, Dawn and all the folks who helped me to get here! But especially to Dr Fleming.

Fb’s Testimonial

Dear Dr. Hammock, I am so incredibly grateful and appreciative for all the time and attention you gave to my husband and me. Thank you, thank you for caring so much abut the individual person. I am also grateful that you took the time to help us separate out how we view ourselves in relation to our understanding of God’s love for us verses our symptoms of major depression; neither of us had realized or thought about that. That was incredibly insightful of you and so thoughtful of you to help us get to the root of it. Thank you for helping so many people. I can tell, that you and your team do a lot of good with very sincere hearts. It shines through unmistakably.

Michelle’s Testimonial

TMS has been my saving grace. I was at a point that my antidepressants were no longer working. I had lost hope of ever feeling better. I have not felt this good in 25 years. The best gift I have ever given myself

Sara B's Testimonial

5 STARs ” Excellent treatment ! Good Results !”

Donald L's Testimonial

I felt comfortable and at-ease with the TMS techs and nurses at SCTMSC. They’re great at their job!

Stacy M's Testimonial

TMS has made me feel like a totally different person and has given me hope for the future. It has given me a new chance at life.

I’m very happy with the treatment. I was nervous to start but everyone helped me through the nerves and made the process “fly by”. The feedback with data and the classes were a huge help. Having this cloud
lifted after decades of medication is a relief that I’m still embracing.

Aydin's Testimonial

I love to thank you so much! I really appreciated your help and assistance in your care and optimism of your treatment. I’m feeling so much better now. You are the best team EVER ! I love you all so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all you have done. Blessings to all of you.

Helena B's Testimonial