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Treating Depression Anxiety PTSD and More

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We offer 3 minute a day treatment, the quickest available.

What Do We Offer?

We have the experience and know-how to make your treatment work. With 8 years of experience, and more than 20,000 sessions. No case is too complex. We treat patients that other clinics won’t with amazing results. This includes:

  • pregnant patients
  • post-menopausal
  • brain injuries
  • TBI
  • seizures or other brain illnesses

Our doctors offer enhanced and combined treatments, they are able to integrate genetic and biomarker testing, and can combine TMS, ketamine treatments, and breath training if needed to help you get better.

Our friendly, experienced, and helpful staff of 16 stand ready to help you succeed.

At Southern Colorado TMS we offer effective non-medication treatments for Depression Anxiety and PTSD. Contact us to learn more. Our treatments work better than medication treatments for the same conditions as proven in large scale medical studies.

Why NON-Medication Treatments?

  1. The advantages of these treatments are that they introduce no chemicals into your body, have few to no side effects, do not have intellectual dulling, emotional flattening, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, addictive potential or other problems often associated with medication treatment.
  2. These treatments are more effective than medication treatments. In the case of TMS if you have tried 3 or more medicines in the past, the chance the next medicine will help is only 13%. With TMS its 60% in the initial round, and up to 80% if a second round is used. In the case of panic attack treatment, combination psychotherapy and medication used continuously produce remission in only 45% of people at 6 months which drops to 41% at one year. This compares to 85% and 82% respectively with FreeSpira.

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This treatment uses no medication and has few side effects. It uses standard MRI pulses applied to the brain regions which control depression and anxiety. Our treatments take just 3 minutes and 9 seconds, (down from 18 minutes)!

TMS for Major Depression is clinically proven, covered by almost all health insurance plans and FDA-cleared to improve symptoms of depression. The treatments can also help with Anxiety, PTSD, OCD and other conditions including bipolar disease, autism, speech recovery post stroke, tinnitus, migraine, chronic pain states, and reduction of persistent auditory hallucinations. Treatments for conditions other than Major Depressive Disorder are not typically covered by health insurance.

Our treatment uses Open Air seating. There are no straps or helmets and we use the latest low intensity comfort coil rather than the high intensity coils many machines use.

We want you to get better and stay better! In addition to your TMS treatments and free medical monitoring throughout your treatment, you get FREE lifetime access to:

  • Life skills classes
  • Acupuncture for relaxation
  • HeartMath to help promote inner balance and reduced tension
We provide a non-medication treatment that eliminates Panic Attacks for 71% of people within 30 days and even a year later 79% are panic attack free. Our treatment is used in your own home and helps you train yourself to breathe correctly day and night so that new panic attacks do not happen. The device monitors your exhaled carbon dioxide levels, helping you to breathe correctly so you do not have feelings of anxiety and panic. This device is very useful for Panic Attacks, Generalized Anxiety and PTSD as well. While it is not covered by insurance plans, it is FDA-cleared for Panic and can be used for the other conditions mentioned.
As part of the TMS or panic attack treatment we offer the following additional services at no charge to our clients: Weekly Depression and Anxiety Skills Management classes, HeartMath heart and breathing rate training programs and Acudetox ear acupuncture treatments. These additional treatments really help your progress and enhance your recovery. TMS is not a technique that should be used completely alone and therefore we include these items as part of your care at no additional charge.
We work with every insurance provider in the region to get your treatment covered.

Southern Colorado TMS Center, LLC has been helping Southern Colorado residents since 2011 restore brain health and without using medication. We are the most experienced TMS and Panic Attack treatment providers in our region.

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