What Types of TMS Do You Offer?

At Southern Colorado TMS we stay current with the rapidly changing TMS field. We have experience with three of the FDA cleared devices and currently use the best tolerated and most comprehensive third generation machine.

Based on this extensive experience and ongoing discussion with TMS providers across the US we will select the technology which offers best fit between efficacy and comfort for your patients. Our Medical Director will then select the most relevant treatment protocols for each.

Each TMS treatment has flexibility in targeting the coil to the brain regions that need stimulation. The electromagnetic field in rTMS extends about ½ way through the cerebral cortex. The DLPFC is a primary target and is highly interconnected with deeper brain structures involved with depression.

But research has expanded dramatically since 2008 with remarkable results, some currently under FDA-review with potential treatments for PTSD, autism spectrum disorders, stroke rehabilitation, Alzheimer’s, the depressive aspect of bipolar disorder, OCD, migraines, tinnitus, ADD, and treatment of teenagers suffering from MDD.

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