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Testimonials from SCTMSC patients and family members:

Kevin’s Testimonial

I just wanted to say that 6 months after treatment, I am doing well. I have a new life and am living it up. It’s like being a teen again, as I’m trying to find my way in the world as I am not who I was. Instead of staying home all the time, I am out, meeting people and doing things. I am so grateful to Dr. Fleming, Camice, Dawn and all the folks who helped me to get here! You kept me from ending it all last November and got me the TMS I needed. For me, it’s like a new world!

Frank’s Testimonial

Depression had been a way of life for me for years, and meds only helped for a time. When Dr. Fleming suggested TMS, I jumped at the chance. The TMS procedures, plus counseling, and evening classes from Southern Colorado TMS helped me to overcome my depression and to keep my negative thoughts away. My family and friends have seen changes in me and for the first time in years, I feel like I have a future!

Deanna’s Testimonial

I have lived with depression almost all of my life. I tried everything and was really convinced my life had no point. I didn’t make long term plans as I did not think I would be around that long. But then I had TMS treatment. My depression is gone. For the first time I have joy and pleasure in my life. And I am making plans because I will be here in the future. The staff at Southern Colorado TMS Center are wonderful, and I was treated like a genuine person, not just a number, not just a person in need of medication, but a person.

Marsha’s Testimonial

Even though I was helping to lead volunteer groups for depressed people, my own depression was so strong that I really couldn’t help anyone else. I began to withdraw, and medications just no longer worked for me. My anxiety got worse as the same time as my depression, so I really was miserable. With TMS two years ago, my life changed. I am now happy, no longer in groups or talking therapy and living a happier and more successful life. I wish everyone who needed it would try TMS. I was certainly amazed. I went from skeptical to a true believer. Its now been two years and I am doing well.

Mary’s Testimonial

The Southern Colorado TMS Center is truly the most caring, compassionate mental health facility I have ever known. You always hear about stories of why people have gone into the mental health field, but these folks truly live it. Everyone who works for the TMS Center (and I mean everyone) exudes warm and empathy. They walk the walk. One of my family members utilized several of their services, and so I got to witness firsthand how they deal with patients. I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from depression, because they not only offer treatments but expect patients to participate fully in their recovery.